Remove or replace a resource assignment in MS Project 2007

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Depending upon the needs of your project, you can either remove or replace a resource (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.) that is assigned to a task in your project. For example, changing a resource assignment (assignment: A specific resource that is assigned to a particular task.) may help you to account for overallocation (overallocation: The result of assigning more tasks to a resource than the resource can accomplish in the working time available.) or underallocation (underallocation: Assigning a resource to work fewer hours than the resource has available.), control costs, increase efficiency, or increase quality.

Remove a resource assignment

  1. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
  2. In the Task Name field, select the task from which you want to remove a resource.
  3. Click Assign Resources Assign Resources button image.
  4. In the Resource Name field, select the that resource you want to remove.
  5. Click Remove.

Remove an enterprise resource

In Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007, you cannot delete enterprise resources (enterprise resources: Resources that are part of an organization's entire list of resources. Enterprise resources can be shared across projects.). Instead, you deactivate resources that you no longer need. This ensures that any information and project history associated with that resource is retained.
Deactivating a resource is done by using Microsoft Office Project Web Access. Only a server administrator can deactivate a resource.

Replace a resource assignment

  1. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
  2. In the Task Name field, select the task with the resource that you want to replace.
  3. Click Assign Resources Button image.
  4. In the Resource Name column, select the resource that you want to replace.
  5. Click Replace.
  6. In the Replace Resource dialog box, click the resource that you want to replace, and then click OK. To replace the selected resource with multiple resources, hold down CTRL, and then click the resource that you want to add.
    Note Project will not remove the resource if actual work (actual work: The amount of work that has been performed on a task or assignment. When you enter actual work on a task, the remaining work is calculated using this formula: Remaining Work = Work - Actual Work. Actual work is often referred to as "actuals.") has been completed on the assignment. The replacement resource is assigned the remaining work (remaining work: The amount of work, in terms of a time unit such as hours or days, that is left to be completed on a task. This is calculated as follows: Remaining Work = Work - Actual Work.) from the original assignment. You can adjust these work (work: For tasks, the total labor required to complete a task. For assignments, the amount of work to which a resource is assigned. For resources, the total amount of work to which a resource is assigned for all tasks. Work is different from task duration.) values, if necessary.
  7. In the R/D column, select Request or Demand.
  8. To specify the amount of work the new resource will perform on a task, in the Units list for the resource, enter one of the following: Note Cost information for the duration of the resource's time on the task is automatically calculated and shown in the Cost column. Double-click the Cost column to enter different cost rate information for the resource.



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