Combine multiple projects for ease of printing MS Project 2007

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To print data from several projects, you can combine multiple projects in a single view. Microsoft Office Project creates a consolidated project (consolidated project: A project containing one or more inserted projects [also known as subprojects]. These can retain links to their source projects and may be linked to one another. A consolidated project is also called a master project.) from the projects that you combine.
You can sort (sorting: A method of controlling the order in which task, resource, and other information is displayed.), filter (filter: Specifies which task or resource information should be displayed or highlighted in a view. For example, when you apply the Critical filter, only critical tasks are displayed.), or group (group: To combine or rearrange tasks or resources in a project according to specific criteria, for example, task duration, priority, resource overallocation, or finish date; do not confuse this with the Group field, which is a resource field.) the tasks (task: An activity that has a beginning and an end. Project plans are made up of tasks.) or resources (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.) in the consolidated project before printing the combined information.
  1. In Project, open the files that you want to combine.
  2. On the Window menu, click New Window.
  3. In the Projects list, click the file that you want to list first when you combine the projects.
  4. To select adjacent projects, hold down SHIFT, and then click the first and last project that you want to list in the consolidated project. To select nonadjacent projects, hold down CTRL, and then click the name of the next file that you want to list in the consolidated project. Repeat this step until you have selected all the files that you want to consolidate.
  5. In the View box, click the view that you want to display when the files are combined.
  • If you have more than a few files to consolidate, you can consolidate the files all at once. On the Insert menu, click Project. Select the files that you want to consolidate, and then click Insert.
  • To use this consolidated file again, on the File menu, click Save As. Type a new name for the consolidated file in the File name box, and then click Save.



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