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By consolidating (consolidated project: A project containing one or more inserted projects [also known as subprojects]. These can retain links to their source projects and may be linked to one another. A consolidated project is also called a master project.) related projects into a master project (master project: A project containing other projects [known as inserted projects or subprojects]. Also called a consolidated project.), you can organize and manage complex projects or multiple related projects more effectively.
  1. Open the project that you want to become a master project.
  2. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
  3. In the Task Name field, click the row below where you want to insert the project. Note You can insert a project at any level of the master project's outline (outline: A hierarchical structure for a project that shows how some tasks fit within broader groupings. In Project, subtasks are indented under summary tasks.).
  4. On the Insert menu, click Project.
  5. In the Look in box, click the drive or folder that contains the project.
  6. In the folder list, open the folder or subfolder that contains the project that you want to insert.
  7. Click the project that you want to insert. To insert multiple projects, hold down CTRL and click the projects in the order that you want to insert them.
    To see Microsoft Office Project files saved in a database, click Project databases in the Files of type box.
    Tip If you don't want to update the subproject with changes from the original project, or if you don't want to show changes from the subproject in the original project, clear the Link to Project check box.
  8. Click Insert. To insert a project in read-only format, click the arrow on the Insert button, and then click Insert Read-Only.
Tip If you consolidate projects that contain resources with the same name, and you want to eliminate duplicate resource names, clear the Link to Project check box. The first instance of a resource name and its resource information, such as pay rates and resource calendars, will overwrite the second and subsequent instances. Because the subprojects are not linked to their source files, you cannot update the original project file with any changes made to the subproject in the master project.

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    Is there a way to export a visio flowchart into a word document while maintain all the elements of the flow chart separately. It can be done as a jpeg but that does not allow for the individual boxes of the flow chart to be utilized.
    thank you in advance


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