SkyDrive Working with Office Web Apps

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SkyDrive Working with Office Web Apps


Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDrive
Office Web Apps are similar to the applications in the desktop Microsoft Office suite, but they aren't identical. Web Apps simply have fewer features. If you already know how to use Microsoft Office, you should find the Web Apps fairly easy to work with.
In this lesson, you'll learn more about using the WordExcel, and PowerPoint Web Apps.

Working with Web Apps

Office Web Apps include useful tools for creating basic Office documents. However, Web Apps lack advanced document formatting tools, which can make it hard to create polished and professional-looking documents. One way to avoid this problem is to create documents in Web Apps, then “polish” them as needed in the regular Office programs.

Opening and Editing Documents

When you open a document in SkyDrive, a preview of the document will appear. Click Edit Document and then select Edit in Web App from the drop-down menu to begin editing with Web Apps.
Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveEditing with Web Apps

The Word Web App

The Word Web App is the online version of Microsoft Word. You can use the Word Web App to create text documents, including lettersresumesflyers, and more.
If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Word, review our Word 2010 tutorial to learn how to create and format documents.

Tool Limitations

The Word Web App doesn't include many tools that let you edit and format your documents in Word 2010, so  you won’t be able to use the Word Web App to heavily customize the appearance of your documents. In addition, the Web App lacks many advanced features, including:
  • Track changes and other review tools
  • Headers and footers
  • SmartArt

Features of the Word Web App

Review the interactive to learn about the features included in the Word Web App interface.

The Excel Web App

The Excel Web App is the online version of Microsoft Excel. Like the desktop version of Excel, the Excel Web App allows you to use spreadsheets, or worksheets, to store and analyze data in organized workbooks.
If you’re unfamiliar with using Microsoft Excel, review our Excel 2010 tutorial to learn how to create and use workbooks.

Tool Limitations

The Excel Web App contains many of the most useful Excel features. For example, you can perform calculations with formulas. You can even organize your data into tables and charts, though you won't be able to customize their appearance very much.
Most of Excel's advanced tools are not included in the Web App. For instance, you won't be able to create pivot tables, do advanced data analysis, or customize the page layout.

Features of the Excel Web App

Review the interactive to learn about the features included in the Excel Web App interface.

The PowerPoint Web App

The PowerPoint Web App is the online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use the PowerPoint Web App to create slideshow presentations that include text, images, and SmartArt graphics.
If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft PowerPoint, review our PowerPoint 2010 tutorial to learn how to create and format presentations.

Tool Limitations

While it still lacks many of tools found in the desktop version, the PowerPoint Web App has fewer limitations than the Excel and Word Web Apps. You can easily insert picturesSmartArtanimations, and transitions.
The PowerPoint Web App does not include many tools for customizing the appearance of presentation slides. While it is possible to create professional presentations with the PowerPoint Web App, you won't have as much control over the way those presentations look as you would in the desktop version.

Features of the PowerPoint Web App

Review the interactive to learn about the features included in the PowerPoint Web App interface.



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