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Gmail Compose Window 
So you now have a good idea of what email is all about, but you may be wondering exactly how it works. Before you jump into using an email program, it is helpful to become familiar with the basics.
In this lesson, we will give you an overview of the various email windows you will work with in an email program.  You will also learn the various termsactionsand features that are commonly used when working with email.

The Email Window

Sometimes it helps to get to know a program's interface before you start using it. When using email, you will interact with several windows, including the Inbox window, the Email Message window and the Compose Message window. Depending on the email provider, these windows may look and feel different, but the way they function is essentially the same. 
Below are some samples of email windows from the top email providers: GmailHotmail and Yahoo. Review the images in order to become familiar with how the various email windows work.
Keep in mind this is just a general overview. To learn how to use an email program in detail, you can visit ourGmail topic.

Inbox Window

The Inbox is where you can view all of the incoming emails you have received. Emails are listed with the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the date received with the most recent at the top.
Sample Gmail Inbox WindowSample Gmail Inbox Window

Email Message Window

When you select an email in the Inbox, it will open in the Email Message window. You can read the message and determine how you want to respond to it with a variety of commands. 
Sample Yahoo Email Message WindowSample Yahoo Email Message Window

Compose Message Window

You can click the Compose Message or New command from your Inbox to create an email message of your own. You will need to enter the recipient's email address and a subject. You also have options for uploading digital files (photos, documents, etc.) and formatting the text in your message.
Sample Hotmail Compose Message WindowSample Hotmail Compose Message Window
A Compose Message window will also appear when you select Reply or Forward. It will include the original message text in the body.

Common Email Terms and Actions

The following interactives include terms for itemsactions and features that you should be familiar with when composing, managing and responding to email. Each term includes a sample image from GmailHotmail orYahoo.
You can review the interactives in their entirety or simply scroll to the terms that interest you the most.



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