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Getting Started with SkyDrive

Creating a Microsoft Account

Launch "Getting Started with SkyDrive" video!Watch the video (3:58). Need help?
Before you can use Office Web Apps and SkyDrive, you'll need aMicrosoft account. If you already have a,, or email account (or any other account that lets you use a Microsoft service), you already have a Microsoft account. To access SkyDrive, just sign in with your existing account.
Watch the video to learn how to sign up for a Microsoft Account.

To Create a Microsoft Account

  1. Go to Locate and select Sign up now.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveClicking Sign Up
  2. The sign up form will appear. 
  3. Type your first and last name and then select your birth date, and gender. Enter a fake date if you do not wish to give out this information.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveEntering your information
  4. Next, you will need to choose your Microsoft account username. Your username can be either:
    • Your current email address.
    • A newly created Microsoft email address. In our example, we'll choose this option. Click Or get a new email address to continue.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveCreating a Microsoft email address
  5. Type your desired username and then select your desired email address, either or
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveCreating a Hotmail address
  6. Type your desired password. Just like with any online service, it's important to choose a strong password—in other words, one that is difficult for someone to guess. When you enter your desired password, a box will appear to the right to tell you if your password is strong enough to be secure. For more information, check outPasswords Tips in our Tech Savvy tutorial.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveChoosing a password
  7. Reenter your password to continue.
  8. Next, you will need to provide a phone number and alternate email address so Microsoft has a way to give you your password if you ever forget it. If you prefer not to give your phone number, you will need to answer asecurity question instead.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveEntering an alternate email address and choosing a security question
  9. Select your country, then (if applicable), enter your ZIP code.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveChoosing a location
  10. Enter the letters in the verification image into the box below. If you can't read the words, click New to get a new image or Audio for an audio verification test.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveTyping the verification text
  11. By default, you will receive emails with advertisements and product surveys from Microsoft. If you don't want to receive these emails, uncheck the checkbox.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveOpting out of promotional emails
  12. Finally, review the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement, and then click I accept.

    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveAccepting the terms and conditions
  13. Your Microsoft account is now created. Your SkyDrive will appear.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveMicrosoft SkyDrive
When you sign in to SkyDrive for the first time, you may notice the Get SkyDrive for Windows banner at the bottom of the screen. This desktop application makes it easier to sync your computer's files with SkyDrive. 

Accessing Your SkyDrive

There are two ways to access SkyDrive:
  • From your Microsoft account, click the drop-down arrow and then select SkyDrive from the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveAccessing SkyDrive
  • Navigate directly to

Review the interactive to familiarize yourself with the SkyDrive interface.

Installing the Microsoft SkyDrive App

Microsoft SkyDrive also features a separate application that can be downloaded and installed to your computer. After the program is installed, you'll be able to upload and sync files from your computer to SkyDrive and access them anywhere you go. You'll even be able to access any files stored on your computer remotely, even if you haven't uploaded the files to SkyDrive.
In this example, we will install SkyDrive for Windows. SkyDrive is also available for Mac, but keep in mind that the Mac installation process will be a little different.
You can still access the majority of SkyDrive's features online without installing the separate SkyDrive program; however, it won't be as easy to upload and sync files from your computer.

To Install the SkyDrive App:

  1. Navigate to the Download SkyDrive page. Locate and select Download SkyDrive for Windows.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveDownloading SkyDrive
  2. Once the file is downloaded, click Run to open the SkyDrive Installer.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveOpening the SkyDrive Installer
  3. The SkyDrive Installer will open. Click Get Started to continue.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveClicking Get Started
  4. Enter your Microsoft account name and password, then click Sign in.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveSigning in to your Microsoft Account
  5. The SkyDrive Folder window will appear, which explains how the SkyDrive folder works with your computer. Click Next to continue.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveClicking Next
  6. Click Done to complete the installation. If you want to be able to access files on this computer remotely, leave the checkbox checked.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveClicking Done
  7. SkyDrive is now installed on your computer. A SkyDrive folder will be added to your Windows Explorer. We'll talk more about using this folder in our lesson on how to Upload, Sync and Manage Files.
    Screenshot of Microsoft SkyDriveThe SkyDrive Folder



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