mapping fields from your data file to a Gantt chart Visio 2007

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Map the fields from your data file to corresponding Gantt chart fields.
HideColumn mapping

Displays the field names in your data file, the field names they correspond to in Microsoft Office Visio project schedule terminology, and the format for the field name.
Note The following fields are required: Task # (though required, this field does not appear in your drawing), Task Name, Start Date, and either Finish Date or Duration.

HideChange mapping

Opens a dialog box in which you can map the field name you selected under Column mapping.

HideColumn preview

Displays a preview of the first several lines from your data file. The mapped column name appears in parentheses in the heading bar of the Column preview area if it is different from the field name.

HideFirst row contains column header

If selected, specifies that the first row of your data file contains headings for each column of data.
If the check box is not selected, or if there are no column headings in your data file, the column headings will appear as Column1, Column2, and so forth.



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