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When you add a control to a form template, you may see an icon appear in the control. An icon may also appear when you rest the pointer on the control. This icon can tell you if you correctly bound the control to a field (field: An element or attribute in the data source that can contain data. If the field is an element, it can contain attribute fields. Fields store the data that is entered into controls.) or group (group: An element in the data source that can contain fields and other groups. Controls that contain other controls, such as repeating tables and sections, are bound to groups.) in the data source (data source: The collection of fields and groups that define and store the data for an InfoPath form. Controls in the form are bound to the fields and groups in the data source.). When a control is bound to a field or group in the data source, data entered into that control is saved. The icon may also tell you if the control will work if users fill out your form in a Web browser. Form templates that can be filled out in a Web browser are called browser-compatible form templates (browser-compatible form template: A form template that is designed in InfoPath by using a specific compatibility mode. A browser-compatible form template can be browser-enabled when it is published to a server running InfoPath Forms Services.).
If there is a problem with the control's binding, the appropriate icon will appear immediately.
Note Some icons may indicate compatibility problems. Find links to more information about finding and fixing compatibility problems in the See Also section.
To test the binding of your control:
  • Rest the pointer on the control.
    You will see text and an icon appear in the upper-right corner of the control. The text and icon indicate whether the binding for the control is correct. The icon also indicates whether the control will work in a browser-compatible form template. The following table describes the icons that you might see.
    Icon imageThe binding is correct.
    Icon imageThe control may not function as expected. To identify the potential problem, right-click the control, and then click More Details on the shortcut menu.
    Icon imageThe control will not function correctly. To identify the problem, right-click the control, and then click More Details on the shortcut menu.



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