Align text in a control with its label InfoPath 2007

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On your form template, the text inside a control may appear to be slightly higher than the label text that precedes it.
Label text not aligned properly with text inside control
The misalignment is more evident when you remove the border from a control, as shown in the following example.
Label text not aligned properly with text inside borderless control
To make your form template look more professional, you can automatically align the text in a control with its label, as shown in the text box with no border.
Label text correctly aligned with text inside control
Note This option is available for text box, rich text box, expression box, and date picker controls.

Align text in a control

  1. Right-click the control that you want to align, and then click Control Properties on the shortcut menu.
  2. Click the Size tab.
  3. Under Align control with label, click Align, and then click Apply. Microsoft Office InfoPath automatically adjusts the control's height, bottom padding, and bottom margin settings as necessary. If you manually change any of these settings later, you may need to repeat this procedure.
Tip When aligning a rich text box control, InfoPath changes the existing value in the Height box to auto. This reduces the height of the rich text box so that the text inside it is better aligned with the surrounding text. If this is not what you want, close the Rich Text Box Properties dialog box, and then press CTRL+Z to undo the change.



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