Allow users to print multiple views at once InfoPath 2007

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By default, when users click the Print button, the only view (view: A form-specific display setting that can be saved with a form template and applied to form data when the form is being filled out. Users can switch between views to choose the amount of data shown in the form.) that is printed is the active view. If you want all of the views in your form template to print, or a specific number of views to print, you can use the Print Multiple Views dialog box to specify exactly which views should be printed, and in what order.
Part of the Print Multiple Views dialog box
  1. On the View menu, click Print Multiple Views.
  2. In the Views list, select the check box next to each view that you want Microsoft Office InfoPath to print by default whenever users click the Print button in their forms. Views are printed in the order in which they appear in this list.
  3. To move a view up or down in the print order, click the view that you want to move, and then click Move Up or Move Down, respectively.
  4. If you want a horizontal line or other separator to print between each view, select an item in the Separate views with list.
  5. Unless you specify otherwise, users can customize these same settings by clicking Multiple Views in the Print dialog box. To prevent users from changing your print settings, clear the Allow users to change these settings check box. This disables the Multiple Views check box in the user's Print dialog box and prevents users from gaining access to the Multiple Views dialog box.
Note The ability to print multiple views at once is not supported in browser-compatible form templates (browser-compatible form template: A form template that is designed in InfoPath by using a specific compatibility mode. A browser-compatible form template can be browser-enabled when it is published to a server running InfoPath Forms Services.).



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