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Desktopography provide the most beautiful images for free desktop wallpaper.

To get started, click on the text that describes the site. Note: Since this is a graphic site, it may take a few minutes to load, but it is well worth the wait! Also, if you're at work, you may want to turn the music all the way off, because it's a little loud. The music is very ambient though and it's filled with nature sounds that really enhance your experience while you're browsing through the wallpaper designs.

Once the page loads, you'll be looking at a slideshow of images. You can scroll through the images using the arrow keys. Simply click on the images to view them larger as well. When you find the one you like and want to use, click on the Download button to the left of the image. That will give you a file download window.

Choose Save and then select to save it on your Desktop. I like to do it that way, because then I don't accidentally lose the file. Next, you'll need to unzip the file with a file extractor, such as WinZip. I put that file on my desktop as well. Once you've done that, you just need to right click on the photo and choose Set as Desktop Background.

There are three years of exhibitions here:

2005 – You'll find 10 pieces of natural themed desktops.

2006 – You'll find 25 pieces in this collection.

2007 – Here you will find a whopping 40 pieces to choose from



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