Case Sensitive Sorts in MS Excel

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Excel can do sorts that are case sensitive.

Begin your sort as normal. That is, highlight the list to sort or select a cell in the data range to get Excel to select the whole thing for you.
If you're using Excel 2007, you need the Home Ribbon, Sort and Filter button, Custom Sort choice.

In older versions of Excel, you need to go to the Data menu, Sort choice. For all versions, when the Sort window opens, locate and click on the Options button.
Excel 2007 will look like this:
Other versions of Excel will look something like this:
At this point, you're in the Sort Options dialogue window.
Select the Case sensitive checkbox and click OK.
Upon returning to the Sort window, finish setting your choices, complete the sort and then you're back to business as usual!
This time, the sorted data should be sorted in a whole new light! For example, lower case items will be sorted before the upper case.
And you no longer have to rearrange anything by hand



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