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The next time you need a comment from a cell, and nothing else, just follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the cell as usual.

  • In the cell where the duplicate comment is to be pasted, you need to use Paste Special. (Paste Special can be found under the Edit menu or on the Home Ribbon, depending on the version of Excel you use. You can also get to it by right clicking on the new cell).

  • In the Paste Special dialogue window, you need to select Comments and then click OK.

The comment (and only the comment) is copied to the new location.
Now, I'd like to add a little extra something to this.

If you know you need to copy the comment to multiple locations, after the first paste, click on the next cell that needs the comment and then hit the F4 key.
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The F4 key repeats the last action, so it will paste the comment into the additional locations, without the hassle of going to the Paste Special window every time.



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