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How did you do that?

I know there are at least a couple of you who moved everything around manually, am I right? And I don't have to tell you twice that if the list was really long, it took you quite awhile to do. What a pain!
Well, how about letting Word alphabetize for you?
No problem! With just a highlight and a couple of clicks, you'll have the whole list sorted instantly.

  • Highlight the text/list to be alphabetized. (If you need to sort the whole document, you can skip this step. With nothing highlighted, Word will select everything once you complete the next step).

  • For Word 2007 users, you need to click the Sort button found in the Paragraph section on the Home ribbon.

  • If you're using older versions of MS Word, you need to select the Sort choice from the Table menu.

  • Everyone should find that when the Sort Text dialogue window opens, it should already be set for sorting paragraphs in ascending order.

  • Should you need to make any changes to that setting, go ahead and do so and then click OK.
Text in Word documents sorted in an instant!



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