Create a pneumatic or hydraulic control system diagram Visio 2007

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Create fluid power diagrams to document hydraulic or pneumatic control systems, such as those used in factory automation systems, heavy machinery, or automobile suspension systems.

Fluid power diagram

  1. On the File menu, point to New, point to Engineering, and then click Fluid Power. This drawing type opens an unscaled drawing page in landscape orientation Wide page. You can change this setting at any time.
  2. Drag equipment and valve shapes onto the drawing page. You can configure many shapes by right-clicking them.
  3. Connect components using the Connector tool Button image or connector shapes. HideUse the Connector tool
    1. Click the Connector tool Button image.
    2. Drag from a connection point Connection point image - blue X on the first shape to a connection point on the second shape. The connector endpoints turn red when the shapes are connected.
    HideUse connector shapes
    1. Drag a connector shape onto the drawing page.
    2. Place the connector's begin point Begin point image - green square with X inside on the parent shape (the shape you're connecting from). Place the connector's end point End point image, which is plus sign in a green square on the child shape (the shape you're connecting to). When the connector is glued to the shapes, the endpoints turn red.
  4. Add text to shapes by selecting the shape and typing. Most fluid power shapes have a control handle that you can drag to reposition text.
  5. Add callouts and other reference notes by dragging shapes from Annotations onto the drawing page.
  6. Shapes can have shape data. You can enter shape data and add new data to a shape. HideEnter shape data
    1. Select a shape, and then on the Shape menu, click Shape Data.
    2. In the Shape Data dialog box, click in each cdata field and type or select a value.



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