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  1. Start Microsoft Office Visio.
    When Visio starts, several windows appear. For now, all you need to work with is the window titled Template Categories.
  2. In the Template Categories window, in the list of categories, click the General category. All the templates in the General category appear in the central window.
    Contents of General category
    1. Double-click the template titled Basic Diagram.
    2. When the Basic Diagram template opens, most of the space is taken up with a blank drawing page. Because it is important to line up the shapes when you create a diagram, the page appears with grid lines on it.
    3. Tip If you want to turn the grid lines off, on the View menu, click Grid to clear the check box.
    4. In addition to the drawing page, a Shapes window appears with three sets of shapes:
    5. Backgrounds
    • Borders and Titles
    • Basic Shapes

    1. Click each of these titles to open a stencil full of shapes. For now, we will work only with the Basic Shapes stencil.
    2. Three stencils in Basic template: Backgrounds, Borders and Titles, and Basic Shapes
    3. Click any shape on the Basic Shapes stencil, hold down the mouse button, and drag the shape onto your drawing page. When you release the mouse button, the shape is bounded by a dashed green line that has green squares Selection handle, called selection handles, and sometimes yellow diamonds, called control handles Control handle.
    4. Repeat step 4 to add another shape to the page.
    5. Connect the shapes together by using the AutoConnect feature:
    6. Rest the pointer over the shape that you want to connect from. Pointer resting over shape you want to connect from
    7. Position the pointer over the pale blue triangle that is closest to the shape that you want to connect to. Pointer positioned over blue triangle closest to shape you want to connect to
      The triangle turns dark blue, and a red box appears around the shape that you want to connect to.
      Note If a red box does not appear around the shape that you want to connect to, the shape may be too far away. Move the shape closer and try again, or connect the shapes by using the Connector tool.
    8. Click the blue triangle. A connector is added and glued to both shapes. The shapes stay connected even if you drag each shape to a new location on the page. Shape is placed on drawing page, connector is added and glued to both shapes
    9. Continue to add and connect shapes by repeating steps 4 through 6 to complete your basic diagram.



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