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How To Get The Best Deal On A PC
This films shows you how to get the best deal on a PC, explaining your options on the high street and online.
Step 1:
Work out what you need
First, work out what you'll need from your computer. The areas to look at are processor type and speed, memory, hard disk space and graphics cards. You may also want to consider how big a monitor you'd like as these are usually bundled in with a PC. For more information about what to look for when buying a computer, please watch our Ask The Expert Film "Buying a computer".The internet allows you to compare prices without leaving your home. We're going to look at the three main routes or buying a computer online: The High Street retailer with a website, the specialist retailer and online auction sites. We'll also talk about price comparison websites.
Step 2:
High street retailers
High Street retailers publish their prices on their websites, so you can check them out at home. They tend to be slightly more expensive than specialized internet retailers, but the advantage is that you can walk down to their shop and buy the product there and then without having to worry about shipping costs and making sure someone's home to sign for the thing when it arrives. Consider these factors when comparing prices online.
Step 3:
Specialist retailers
The second place to try are specialist retailers. The most famous online PC stockist is Dell, but you can also find computers on popular online shops like Amazon and manufactures like Sony sell their computers online. Be aware that although online stores aren't limited by floor space, they may only stock computers from certain manufactures for commercial reasons, so your choice may be limited. Also look out for VAT and shipping charges which may not be listed with the initial costs of you product.
Step 4:
Online auction sites
Finally, online auction sites such as eBay have a wide selection of both second hand and new computers for sale and there are certainly some bargains to be had, but despite the measures online auction sites have in place to protect buyers it can still be risky buying devices as complex as computers second hand. Carefully read the description of the item and study the seller's feedback. When your computer arrives, test it as thoroughly as you can and if there are any problems, follow the auction site's dispute process. For more information about online actions, watch our Videojug film "How to buy on eBay".
Step 5:
Price comparison sites
Also look at price comparison sites like and Their searches are divided into technical categories, so research your desired computer first and then check that specific model on these sites to avoid confusion.



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