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How do I choose the best Internet Service Provider ISP for my needs?
A good place to check for ISPs is If you go there, you can see what other users have experienced with various ISPs. All you have to do is punch in your zip code. You will see reports from actual users with the experiences they've had with ISPs in that area, and that's the best way you can really find out how good of a stability/connection you're going to have, or the rates. There are so many Internet Service Providers, and depending on where you are, one may be a lot better than the other.
How relevant is the data transfer rate in choosing an ISP?
The data transfer rate is really important because ISPs can make claims that you can have a certain download speed and they may sell that speed to you. But depending on where you are you may not be abe to realize those speeds. Those are theoretical speeds. Especially if you are using DSL, how close you are to the central office will make an impact on the speed that you can actually receive. So, to know what your actual data transfer speeds will be is very important.
What is the difference between "upstream" and "downstream" data transfer rates?
Downstream refers to the information that you receive from the internet. When you download a file, that is considered downstream because you are downloading information from the internet to your computer. Upstream is the reverse of downstream. Upstream is information that you send from your computer over the internet. When you send an email to somebody, or you send an attachment to somebody, that is using your upstream to send it, and it's using downstream when you receive an email or an attachment.
What is a "Digital Subscriber Line" (DSL)?
DSL stands for “digital subscriber line”, and it's the technology that enables you to connect to the Internet. It's a broadband technology, but it uses your phone line, so you can use your existing phone line. With DSL, you can have one telephone line, talking on that telephone line while you're connected to the Internet. The DSL modem will allow that connection to happen simultaneously, so you'll be always connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, whenever you want to get online, and it will not interrupt your phone service.
Does my cable company provide Internet service?
Yes, most cable companies do provide Internet service and it shares the same line that comes in for your cable television. So the coaxial cable that comes into your home for your cable can be split out to a cable modem and you can use a cable modem to get really, really fast Internet service to your computers.
What is a "protocol"?
Protocol is basically a language that allows devices to talk to each other. It's basically a grammar for technologies. Without a protocol, two different computers or two different networks would not know what they're talking about when one requests information from the other. Protocol is basically a language or grammar.
What is an "IP"?
"IP" is Internet Protocol. So basically, it's the grammar of the Internet. Information that you receive or send over the Internet, all that is IP Protocol, Internet Protocol.
What is a "cable modem"?
A cable modem is a box that you get from your cable company that attaches to your actual cable that is coming in for your cable service. That basically gives you your internet service through the cable providers. A cable modem is a device that you attach to your computer or to your local network that will give you internet access to all the machines in your home or business.
What kind of cables do I need to connect to the internet?
It depends on the type of connection you have. If you have a cable modem you are generally going to have a coaxial cable coming in and an Ethernet cable (also known as an RJ45 cable) that goes from the cable modem to your network. If you have a DSL modem then you would basically have the phone line going into the DSL modem and again an Ethernet or RJ45 cable coming from the DSL modem to your computer or network.



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