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What is an "inkjet" printer?
An inkjet printer is a printer that comes with different ink cartridges you have a black ink cartridge a color some of them are individual ink tanks basically the ink is sprayed on to the paper versus a laser printer where it uses heat to put the toner ink onto the paper. An inkjet printers will cost less when you buy them but the cost of the inks are little higher so that's were the manufacturers make their money on inkjet printers on the ink. They basically give the printers away for really really cheap you know almost the cost knowing that when you buy the ink cartridges that's were they can going to make the money.
What is a "laserjet" printer?
A laser printer verses a ink jet printer, is a printer that uses toner cartridges instead of ink to print on the paper. You pay more upfront for a laser printer and they are generally higher performance and higher volume printers than the ink jet. The cost per page is a lot less on a laser printer than it is on a ink jet printer.
What is a "multi-function" printer?
A multi-function printer is a printer that has a fax machine, a scanner, a copier and a printer all integrated into one. The advantage of a multi-function printer is that you have those devices in one small area. However, the problem with that is usually when you have one small problem with the multi-function device, it renders the whole thing unusable.
What kind of printer ink is the best bargain for the money?
The best bargain for printer ink would be the generic inks. You can find them online for really cheap prices. The problem is, some ink qualities are not as good as the original manufacturers, and with bargain ink, sometimes it can actually clog the printer heads. Once the printer heads are clogged on ink jet printers, it's generally time to chuck the printer, because the price of repairing them exceeds the cost of replacing the printer.
Can I buy a wireless travel printer?
Yes, you can buy wireless travel printers. There are a variety of models out there that you can hook up via Bluetooth, or via 82.11b or g wireless technologies. Most laptops do come with the wireless built into them. If you buy a printer that does have that wireless card inside it, you can print wirelessly.
Why do I need to buy the right printer paper?
The type of paper you use really is important because if you're printing photographs you need to make sure the paper does not spread the ink over the paper, and if you buy regular paper that you use to print documents with, they have a lot of fiber in them, and that fiber will take the ink and basically spread it all over. If you want high quality pictures, you want them to last a long time, you don't want them to fade, or you need them to be waterproof, then they do make specialty papers that are designed specifically for that application, and you can totally tell the difference when you print a photo on a high quality photo paper versus regular copy paper.
What kind of paper should I buy for printing photos?
If you're going to be printing your photos, you want to get photo quality paper. They do come in a variety of thicknesses and weights. You want to make sure, if you're using a manufacturer such as Epson or HP or Canon, because they do make their own papers that have been matched to the ink that they produce, to give you the optimal picture quality.
Does my new printer come with ink?
The printers do come with ink, but sometimes the ink is not full capacity. So when you buy a printer, the ink cartridges may have less ink in them than when you buy new replacement cartridges. The level of ink will be different. Usually the kit that comes with a printer will have lower capacity inks in them.



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