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How many USB ports should I look for in a new computer?
New computers will generally come with two or three USB ports in them, but it doesn't take long to fill those ports up. You definitely want to buy a USB hub if you're going to use any type of external peripherals. Most of them are USB now. So USB cameras, USB keyboards, mice, printers those all fill up your USB ports really quickly. Thus, it's not a bad idea to get a USB hub and that USB hub will plug into one of the existing USB ports to give you additional USB ports to plug in your peripherals.
What does it mean when a drive is "bus powered"?
A bus powered drive is a drive that does not require a power supply. The cable that connects the bus powered drive to the computer provides power to the drive and that same cable provides data transfer.
A PCI bus slot is a slot on a computer desktop machine that gives you expansion capabilities. When you buy a computer, you want to have a desktop machine that has at least two, if not What is a "PCI Bus Slot"?
three, extra PCI slots that will give you room for expansion. Later down the line, you can add another video card or a network card. Those are all PCI cards, and if you have extra expansion slots, you really give yourself room to grow down the line.
How many PCI Bus Slots should I look for when buying a tower?
If you're buying a new machine and you're going to do any type of audio or video or advanced networking, you want to have extra PCI Slots available. Without the PCI Slots, you limit yourself in how you can expand your system. PCI Slots will allow you to plug in extra video or network cards, and really give your system the flexibility to grow or to make any changes.
What is a "Serial Advanced Technology Attachment" (SATA)?
A serial advanced technology attachment is a new technology that is in most modern computers. It is a faster interface for hard drives that replaces ATA or PATA hard drives. The SATA provides expanded bandwith necessary for increased fast disk access.
What is the difference between an AGP card and a PCI slot?
A PCI is an older slot used for graphics cards. AGP is a newer one, and there is even a newer one than that which is PC Express. Between the PCI and AGP, if you have a choice, you always want to go with AGP. AGP is a faster graphics card system and it allow the graphics card to talk to the processor at a much higher rate than the PCI graphics card could.



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