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What is "Random Access Memory" (RAM)?
RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a chip that is inside your computer that stores the information that is open at that time. When you open an application, that application resides in RAM. When you quit the application, it's freed from RAM.
How much RAM should I get for my computer?
Always get more RAM for your computer. You can never have too much RAM. Having too much RAM has no detrimental effect, but lack of RAM can cause problems with your computer speed. The most powerful software out there is definitely going to be video editing and gaming software. Those softwares, bar none, use the most CPU power and require high-end CPU, a lot of memory, a big graphics card, so get as much RAM as you can.
How do I know what kind of RAM to put in my machine?
If you go into your computer and check the system profile, it will generally describe to you the type of memory that is inside that computer. If not you can always check with the salesperson. They'd be more than happy to tell you the type of RAM to get for that computer. There are also online resources that you can go to, to punch in the manufacturer of the type of computer you have, and the model of the computer, and they will specify exactly what type of RAM (memory) you need to get.
How do I choose the best RAM for my computer?
For the best RAM for your computer, I would go with a name brand. You can go with generic brands that don't carry as long a warranty and don't perform as well. Memory problems can manifest themselves in all kinds of ways. It's a really, really bad idea to try to skimp on memory, because that's such a crucial part of your computer's performance. I would stick with name brand RAM such as Kingston, Crucial, Corsair, Nanya, Samsung. Those are all really good brands of RAM and have lower failure rates than generic memory.
What is the difference between SODIMM and DIMM?
SODIMM is a small outline dual inline memory module, and a DIMM is a dual inline memory module. SODIMMs are used in laptops; they're small-factor memory chips. DIMMs are long and are used in desktop computers.
What kind of guarantee does RAM usually carry?
RAM can carry guarantees as low as 9 days and as high as lifetime. You definitely want to buy RAM that comes with a lifetime warranty because you know the manufacturer's standing behind their product. Memory with one year warranty is not that good because the machine may be functioning fine, but if the RAM goes bad after one year, you're going to be stuck with that repair.



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