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How important is the type of processor in my machine?
The type processor in your computer is important. You don't really have that much of a choice as to what type of processor is in your machine unless you build it yourself. Most PCs come with either an Intel processor or an AMD processor, and Macintosh computers now also come with Intel processors. They previously came with a Power PC chip that was designed by Motorola, but they've transitioned into Intel chips.
How do I know if I need a single or dual processor?
The difference between a single and dual processor is a single processor only has one chip that does all the calculations. The dual processor has two chips that work together. There is a lot of programs that don't take advantage of a dual processor. So, some people buy a dual processor machine thinking that it's going to benefit them, but unless the application that you're running on the computer can take advantage of two processors, you are really spending money in the area that you shouldn't. There are actually some programs that will run faster on a single processor that's running, let's say, two gigahertz than a dual processor running at 1.5 gigahertz because the application needs to be designed to the advantage of that dual processor.
What is the difference between an "Intel" and "AMD" processor?
Intel is the largest chip maker in the world. AMD also makes chips. They're not as famous as Intel, but there's not really much of a difference. Intel is just the big marketer out there, and everybody sees the commercials "Intel Inside." All the Macs now actually run on Intel chips too, so they have a larger share of the market than AMD does, but they're both good chips.
What is the difference between a "Celeron" and "Pentium 4" Processor?
A "Celeron" is a lower end Intel chip. A Celeron is generally in the cheaper, less expensive computers. The "Pentium" chip is the higher end chip, and is made by Intel.
What is "MultiMedia eXtension" (MMX) technology and do I need it?
MultiMedia eXtension technology refers to a set of instructions that come on Intel chips. When they're enabled, the programs that can take advantage of that will be able to run faster. There are not a lot of programs right now that can take advantage of MMX technologies. Right now, it's not really a big deal if your chip does have the MMX instructions set on it, but later on when programs come out, they can take advantage of it. It would be a good idea to get a chip with MMX.
What is a "Centrino" processor?
Centrino is Intel's mobile processor. It is a chip that is found in laptops. It is a high performance, cool running chip, and you will not find it in any desktop machine; only in laptops.
What type of documentation is included with my new computer?
Most of the the documentation is in an electronic format on the computer or it is available online. Manufacturers do this to cut costs. It's just too costly to print all those paper manuals and insert them. But, it's a shame in one sense because a lot of customers do like to have that tangible thing to be able to look something up. Also, if you dont know how to use a computer you are not going to know how to get the online documentation or how to find it on the computer. Sometimes you need something to read, and the computer manufacturers need to realise that documentation is still necessary.



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