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In Windows XP, is there a way to empty "My Recent Documents" or to just get rid of it ?

"My Recent Documents" holds the last 15 items that you opened. You can delete individual items in the usual manner (Right-click then choose "Delete"), but the number stays at fifteen. That's because the contents are in a hidden file called "Recent" that is stored in your user profile. With Windows XP you have a few options:

You can clear this list by right-clicking the Start button, choosing "Properties", then clicking "Customize". Now click the "Advanced" tab and click "Clear List". Zap! The files are gone. While you're there, you can also remove "My Recent Documents" from the Start menu—just clear the checkbox for "List My Most Recently Opened Documents"


And there you have it!
File Check Boxes in Windows 7
When you're selecting a bunch of files in Windows 7, what's your method? Do you drag a box around them and hope you don't ensnare anything extra? Do you hold Ctrl and click file after file?

Or do you just use check boxes?

How do I get those, you ask? Well, Follow me!

In Windows explorer, click the Organize button in the top left-hand corner and select "Folder and search options".

Make sure you're under the View tab. Under Advanced settings, scroll down to the bottom and put a check next to "Use check boxes to select items".

Now when you hover your pointer over a file a check box will appear in the icon for you to click. It's just an extra layer of assurance for when you've got a lot of selecting to do!

Move From One Column to Another
If you work with Microsoft Word a lot then I'm sure that you've created documents containing columns at one time or another.
I know that I use them frequently when I have long lists of short items… things that could be easily put into two or three columns across the page. The columns will save on printed paper as well as give a pleasing layout that would be almost impossible to accomplish using tab stops.
At any rate, when you're using columns in Word do you ever find that you've finished what you want in one before the end and now need to manually move to the next?
It happens to all of us and what I'm really interested in right now is how you made that move from one column to the next even though Word did not move you there automatically.
The most common thing that I've seen people do is to use the Enter key to add whatever number of blank lines needed to fill the column.
Don't do that! It's an editing nightmare.
Any time thereafter that you add an item to a column it pushes all those blank lines down one which will begin to put blank lines at the top of the following column(s).
Next time, enter an actual column break which will allow you to add to the bottom of a column without disturbing the rest.
One way to insert an actual column break is to use the menus / Ribbon.
Older versions of Word:
Use the Insert menu, Break choice.
Choose Column Break and click OK.

Word 2007:
The Page Layout tab of the Ribbon is where we must start.
Once there click the Breaks button (in the Page Setup section) and choose Column Break from the list.

Or… might I suggest a quick key combination to get the job done?
Yeah, I thought you might like that.
Next time you need to move on to the next column before the current one is filled try Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
Yep, that's all there is to it. Using column breaks saves you time now (they're faster to insert than all the blank lines) and a whole lot more time later when you go back to edit (you won't find yourself fighting to add information while you try to remove all those blank lines).



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