Recover your Gmail Password with a Secondary Email Address or an SMS message

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Forgetting or losing your mail account password is a common problem with web users. Maybe you have a lot of email accounts and passwords to remember . Or may be you had created a Gmail account long ago and haven't used it for months.

In such situations, forgetting the password is normal, but you should also know the procedure to recover it, as well. Following are two ways to recover Gmail account password, in case you lose it

Using a Secondary Email Address
A secondary email address acts as a backdoor of your primary email account. Suppose you forgot the password of your primary email account and can't login. In that case, you can request a password reset of your primary email account using your secondary email address. The link to reset the password would be sent to your secondary email account.

Here are the steps to recover your email password using a secondary email account in Gmail:

1.Login to your primary email account and click the "Settings" link placed at the right corner of the screen.

2.Select the "Accounts and Import" tab and click the "Google account settings" link at the bottom of the page.

3.This will take you to the settings page of your Google account. Click "Change password recovery options".

4.For security reasons, you will be asked to sign in again. In the next page, add the email address of your secondary email account.

5.Click save and you are done.

Whenever you forget the password of your primary email account, you can request a password reset as described later in the article.

How to Recover Email Password using an SMS Message
Using a secondary email address for recovery options is good, but what if you lose the password of your secondary email account as well? How are you going to recover the password of your primary email account, if you do not have access to the secondary email account in the first place?

Hence, you should associate a phone number with your email account. Here are the detailed steps to achieve the same:

1.Visit the settings page of your email account as described in the above section of the article (refer to steps 1, 2 and 3).

2.In the page to change the password recovery options, you will see the option to add your mobile number with your email account. Select your country from the drop down menu and enter the phone number in the text box as shown below:

3.Click "Save changes" and you are done.

Test your Email Recovery Options
Now that you have added the secondary email address as well as a phone number, you should test the settings to see whether it works as planned. Here are the steps to follow:

1.On the Gmail login page, enter a wrong username and password combination and click "Can't access your account" link.

2.On the following page, select "I forgot my password" and click the "Reset your Password here" link

3.On the next page, enter your email user name once again and hit "Submit"

4.You will receive a password reset email in your secondary email address. Just click the link and you will be allowed to reset the email password of your primary email account. If you have added your mobile number, you will receive an SMS message on your mobile containing a 5 digit code. You need to enter the code in the password reset page to complete the password reset process.



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