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Being a computer user, a time comes for everyone when one needs a player other than Windows Media Player. The time came for me too, so I downloaded a 3rd party player and was happy.

Then came the time when I needed to cut a portion from my video clips, so I downloaded a cutter for each video format. If I remember correctly, I downloaded four of those cutters. Same was the case when time came for audio cutters.

Now came the time when I needed to put my audio/video files in my mobile device. In this instance I really don't remember how many converters I downloaded. Same was the case with photo cutters/converters, slide show viewers.

I was using all these utilities until I found Media Cope. It can be downloaded for free from

This software provided me everything that I was using for my multimedia needs under one simple and clean interface.
Media Cope includes:
- Audio/Video Player

- Audio/Video Cutter

- Audio/Video Converter

- Photo Cutter/Converter/Resizer (Photo Cutter is wonderful and a dream come true as its design lets you cut 100s of pictures in minutes manually. Yes, try it for yourself to believe)

- Movie Like Real Time Slide Show Viewer (I always use it to view my pics with music and movie effects)
As a bonus, there are also a couple of innovative internet tools included:
- Web Image Full Screen Viewer (Can zoom any image on a web page to full screen. I love it)

- Speak Text (Can speak any text on a web page)

Media Cope supports almost every audio/video format including mp3, wav, aac, wma, flac, m4a, ac3, rmvb, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mov, avi, divx, mpg, flv, mkv and vob. Also, it supports almost every image format including jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, emf and wmf.

Media Cope is so easy to use that one can almost instantly start using it like an expert after installation. If in any case you get a problem there is a very well written help file that comes with it. Once you run Media Cope, you can see this help file by simply clicking on the help button as shown:

Once help button is clicked, a new window with all the help topics will open as shown -

Everything is explained so well that you will say to yourself "Finally a help file that is truly helpful".

Have fun with this one!



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