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Google maps is a very important application, especially for people who have moved to a new town or for people who travel a lot and need to get around quickly. A lot of us have one of the many Google maps applications on our phones and ready access to wifi spots everywhere, but for many people nothing beats having something (especially instructions) on a piece of paper or as a image which can be accessed anytime with a phone, iPod touch or the laptop. But what you gonna do when you are out of the cellphone network range ?

Google Map Buddy is one such program which takes the amazing application that is Google maps and removes the painful laborious part. This tools lets you capture the Google maps for a certain location and store them as images to your hard drive which you can later print or store on a portable device. It also allows you to print maps of entire city at different zoom levels that otherwise would probably take hours to put together.

The best part is that this intelligent little map maker is as free as it is portable and doesn't require any installation, meaning you can carry it in a little pen drive and let it work its magic wherever Google maps is available.

When you run Google map buddy it asks you for your nationality and then let's you search your location of choice. Once there, hit "select area" and simply draw a rectangle around the area that you want to capture. Select your preferred level of zoom (city level or street level etc.) and then click "create map image". It quickly generates a high resolution PNG image which is rendered tile by tile. Google map buddy also provides the individual tiles to arrange into a larger grid.

You can store this image on your phone or net-book, or just print it out as you go out navigating the unknown neighborhood in the next busy city that you travel to.

You can download Google Map buddy from here :Google Map Buddy
Now go ahead and stun your friends by making that wall of maps you always wanted in your living room.



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