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Google Buzz Tips
If you are still uncertain on whether to use Google Buzz or not, I have compiled some Tips and Tricks on using and integrating Buzz with your other social networking sites.

1.Turn off Google buzz
First off, if you are a Gmail user who has no interest in using Google Buzz, Google has made it easy for you to turn Google Buzz off right on the bottom of your Gmail account page. At the bottom of the web page click the link that says "turn off Buzz" and Google Buzz will be removed from your Gmail account.

2.Remove Buzz messages from Your Gmail Inbox
Buzz automatically adds new Buzz messages to your inbox, along with all the other email subscriptions hitting your inbox daily - which is one of the chief complaints about Google Buzz.

First, at the top of the screen, right next to the search box, click the link titled "create a filter". Second, the filter tool contains a text box identifiable by "has words" where you would enter the word "buzz". Third, you will receive a warning when you click "Next Step" saying that the filter search you started will not work because it needs more information, but I have tested that theory and found that it does work for Buzz messages, so you can click OK. Fourth, make sure the box next to "Skip the Inbox" is checked and click on the "Create Filter" link.

3.You Can Tweet and Buzz
Why wouldn't your Twitter friends want to have your Buzz links, too? Google Reader is already connected via Twitterfeed for you to send things to your Twitter account, but that's not the only way to share. The Shared Items section on Google Reader allows you to grab the Atom feed link and past it directly into Twitterfeed. Once you press the "go" button, Twitter can then sync the two accounts together.

4.Using text markup language in Google BuzzAs long as you are using simple text markup language, Google Buzz will be able to recognize it. So, you can Buzz with style as you highlight words that you want to stand out in italics, bold, or strikethrough font options. How you use it:

The keystroke code for making text bold is surrounding the word or phrase with an asterisk.

*word* = word

Underscores surrounding the text tells Buzz that the word(s) should be italicized.
_word_ = word
If you want to strike out the text, then putting dashes at either end is the command used by Buzz.-word- = word(strikethrough)

Consolidate Multiple Gmail Accounts
It's quite a hassle to manage multiple email accounts on a regular basis because you have to remember all the usernames, passwords and logins to check for new messages. But what if you could tweak your Gmail inbox and get all the emails at one place?

This article describes the step-by-step procedure to manage multiple email inboxes from a single email account.

Before we move on, let's assume that you have the following three email accounts:

You want to manage all the three email accounts from the inbox of, which is your primary email account. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1.Login to your secondary email account from where you would want to forward emails to your primary email account. In this case, the secondary email accounts are and

2.Once you are logged in, click the Settings link which is placed at the top right of the page.

3.In the settings page, click the "Forwarding and Pop/IMAP" tab and enter the email address of your primary email account in the forwarding text box.

This would forward all the emails received at the current email address to, which is your primary email account.

4.In the same way, login to other secondary email accounts and implement the above setting.

5.Now, login to the primary Gmail account where you would want to receive emails from all your other email accounts. Click the small "Labs" icon at the right top of the browser window.

6.This will open the Gmail Labs page. In this page, scroll to the bottom and find "Multiple Inboxes".

Select the radio button "Enable" and click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page.

7.This will reload your inbox. Click the "Settings" link again placed at the right top of the browser window.

8.Now click the "Multiple inboxes" link as shown below

9.In "pane-0" enter the email address of your first secondary email account ( and in "Pane-1" enter the email address of your next secondary email account (

Leave all other settings as it is and click "Save Changes" when you are done.

10.Now reload your email inbox and you will see two panes in the right side of inbox.

These panes are "containers" of your secondary email accounts. Whenever you receive a new email message at any of the secondary email accounts a copy will be forwarded to your primary email account (e.g

The copy of that email message will be listed in the respective panes which you created.

That's it! Now you can check email messages of all your email accounts at one place without having to login and out from each and every account. This setting save a lot of time and should be practiced if you get a lot of emails across multiple email addresses every day.



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