How To Plant Vegetables In Pots

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Fill the pot
Sieve the soil over the pot. Use your hand to break up any lumps. When the pot is full, scrape off any excess with a striking board or your hand and use a firming board or your hand to press down the soil to about a centimetre below the lip of the pot

Tear open the seeds and drop them one at a time about a centimetre apart. You could use a dibber to help even them out

Sprinkle a little regular soil or vermiculite soil over the seeds. Whichever you choose, the soil cover should only be twice the height of the seeds.

Turn the rose so that it is facing upwards. Start running the water at the side of the pot, this will prevent disruption to the soil surface as you water the soil. Pass it over the seeds about 4 times.

Lastly, you should label your seeds. Use an indelible pen to put the date on one side of the label, and the seed type on the other.

Leave to grow
Different seeds require different growing conditions. Check the packet. It's usually somewhere warm and sunny like a greenhouse or a window sill. Water regularly.



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