How To Plant Tomatoes

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Starter plants
Starting tomato plants indoors from seed can be tricky. We recommend buying starter plants from your garden store

Prep the Outdoor Site
As the weather warms, select your planting location. Tomatoes need a ton of sun so find a place that isn't obstructed as the sun moves during the day. Prep the soil by adding fertilizer or compost since tomatoes prefer soil that is rich in organic matter. Compost is often recommended as a great chemical free source of fertilizer. See the Videojug film, “How to Make Compost Pile” for an easy how-to. Generally, your plants should be spaced about 24 inches apart. But there are lot of tomato varieties so be sure to check the information that came with your plants to determine the exact spacing

Plant and Maintain
Dig a hole for the plant. The hole should be about the size of a full size soccer ball. Seriously! If you plant the tomato plant deeply, you will encourage the growth of the roots. And you want that…tomatoes are heavy at full size! Move your plant from the pot to the hole. Make sure the roots are free and not balled up. Place the plant in the hole and re-pack the dirt around it by hand. Because growing plants will need support, place a stake, tomato cage, or small trellis next to each plant. This will give your plants something to lean on as they grow. Don't forget to water your plants on a regular basis as they'll need more and more water as they mature. After that, all you need to do is pick the fruits as they ripen.



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