Top 10 Websites For Smart Kids

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  1. BrainPOP - This is actually an educational site, but your geeklings won't ever notice. The award-winning games and fun, animated videos make this a popular choice with school teachers and homeschooling parents. In fact, many parents prepare their children for standardized tests by using BrainPOP.

  2. NASA Kids' Club - There's something romantic about space, which is why many of us probably wanted to become astronauts when we were kids. I think a child's interest in astronomy should be heartily encouraged, which is why NASA Kids' Club is high on my list. Here, kids will have access to amazing photographs, footage, space facts and games.

  3. Marvel Kids - This is an awesome new site from Marvel Comics that took me by surprise. Unfortunately, both Marvel and DC Comics have lame, cluttered sites. However, Marvel is fun, easy to navigate and includes some awesome freebies that even I enjoy. Check out the Iron Man animated shorts they are currently running - they are 10 times better than most of the comic book-related stuff on television right now!

  4. 4Kids TV- Here, kids can watch free, online episodes of their favorite Saturday morning cartoons, such as "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Chaotic." Awesome games abound on this site and it also serves as a safe social networking community for kids. Oh, and whoever writes their blog is quite clever (ahem).

  5. Making of a Brick- Ever wonder how LEGOs were made? Okay, smart Alec, maybe you already know. For the rest of us (including our kids), this is a fascinating and interactive online tour through a LEGO factory. As this site confesses, LEGOs aren't "scraped off the inside of magic trees by tiny Danish elves." And to think I believed that for years.

  6. Discovery Kids - It's not surprising that Discovery Channel would produce a fun, educational site for young nerds. Everything from dinosaurs to space is covered here. You know, all the stuff that interests kids and should still interest us. Well, if you're a geek, then I'm sure it does. One section of Discovery Kids is called "The Yuckiest Site on the Internet" and it's great fun, trust me.

  7. National Geographic Kids - Similar to Discovery Kids, this site encompasses science, nature and space. There are great suggestions for at-home activities, as well.

  8. PBS Kids Go! - Whether your geekling is a preschooler or a preteen, then PBS is a great resource for television during the day. (Except for that odd Charlie Rose interlude around lunchtime - what's up with that?) Their accompanying site is interactive, musical and educational. From "Arthur" to "Zoom," each popular PBS Kids show has its own online presence.

  9. Exploratorium - This is the official site for the famous San Francisco museum of "science, art and human perception." I've never made it there myself, but I've heard great things and the site is wonderful. From science news for kids to interactive games, this is another way to trick your geeklings into learning something new.

  10. Ask Dr. Universe - I like to think of this site as The Straight Dope for children. Here, Dr. Universe (the world's most curious cat) answers questions about life, the universe and everything. Any kid can submit a question for Dr. Universe to answer and some of the things children come up with is more interesting than the answers.



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