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Currently, the most popular client server program is uTorrent . It's simple, effective, and even better typically uses less than 6MB of memory
To begin, download and open it.

Now we need to configure it to work properly and at a maximized setting based on your PC's capability and internet's connection speed.

First click on "folder options" and choose a directory to put both your torrent trackers and downloads in. Then click on "ok" to save your settings.

Then back in the main window select "Speed Guide" as we will need to find out what your internet capabilities are so we can maximize uTorrent's potential based on your invidual capabilities.

So first we're gonna do a test to find out your internet's connection speed.

As you can see, in my case the maximum upload speed is 482 kbps. This is the result we will use to configure uTorrrent's connection type with. Scroll down Connection Type and select your speed result.

The next step is to make sure our ports are forwarded properly. If you aren't using a router then of course this doesn't apply to you, but for those of you who are let's make sure.

First, of course, forward your ports, a tutorial for which can be found
here at Zeropaid. Once that's accomplished test to make sure it was done properly by clicking the Test if port is forwarded properly button.

If all is well you should receive this message in your internet browser.

So granting you received this message we're good to go. Finish up here by clicking Used Selected Settings to save all the changes we've made.

Now we're ready to begin finding stuff to download. There are a wide variety of sites to choose from and each fall into a basic category of either "private," which is members only, or "open," which means membership is not required. We will start with one of the more popular "open" sites called Pirate Bay . For a complete list of BitTorrent sites out there we have a list here at Zeropaid that you can take a look at.

After opening the Pirate Bay website, type a search query in the box and press ENTER. We'll use the ever talented Clay Aiken as our test case.

You'll see a variety of Clay Aiken material to choose from. We'll select Clay Aiken Clips.

This will bring to you where the tracker download is located. The tracker is what will help the client server keep track of the seeders and leechers in the swarm and thus download the file or files. In the interest of legality, I am not going to download the Clay Aiken video clips here as shown in the picture, nor from anywhere else EVER for that matter, but rather will download a tracker from instead. So we'll pretend I clicked on "Download This Torrent," but in reality I clicked on another tracker instead.

After downloading the tracker you should see it appear in the main client server window. This means it has successfully been loaded and ready to go. After a few minutes of connecting to other seeders and leechers in the swarm it should begin downloading successfully.



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