Readiris Pro 11 recognizes scanned documents, PDF files

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Readiris Pro 11 recognizes scanned documents, PDF files and all popular image file formats and turns them into digital files Save an incredible amount of time when converting any paper document, PDF, or image file into digital files you can edit, archive, and share!

1. Scan your document Simply scan your paper documents or open a file (PDF or image.) Readiris Pro 11 opens the most commonly used image files.
2. Convert it into editable text Once you have opened your file into Readiris, just click on 3.“recognize and save”. Within seconds, your document is converted into digital files you can edit, 4.Export your file into your favourite application Automatically send the recognized document into your favorite application such as: Word, Excel, Acrobat (PDF), Internet Explorer (HTML), WordML, SpeadsheetML or save it as an external file.
Large list of available output files Readiris Pro lets you reproduce your documents into more than 20 different applications such as: Word, Excel, Acrobat, Internet Explorer, Netscape, WordPerfect, StarOffice, and many others. The original document’s lay-out is perfectly retained in the output file.
Edit in MS Word Choose MS Word as the output format. Click on the “Recognize + Save” button and within seconds your text is exported to Word where it’s ready to be edited.
Edit in MS Excel If you have a scanned image with tables, Readiris will convert it in editable tables you can export to Excel.

Recognize hand printed capital text Readiris will let you convert hand printed capital letters in digital text you can edit with your prefered software.

Extract the data out of barcodes With Readiris™ you can also recognize and convert barcode data. It's easy, fast and very accurate!



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