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Before You Know It is a different kind of language-learning software try a free software download in any of 63 languages.

free Before you know itsoftware downloads for Windows and Mac include more than a dozen lists of words and phrases with full learning functionality, images for many cards, and native speaker sound for all of them. They are not time or session limited and can be used forever

75+ more lists of language content drawn from everyday words and common conversational situations, all with native speaker sound, and many with pictures for visual cues.
The ability to customize or create your own lists of words and phrases that you need to practice.
Advanced pronunciation practice, with the ability to record your own voice and compare it to native speakers

Support for Palm and PocketPC devices, letting you take BYKI with and practice when you're away from your computer.
SPECIAL BONUS BYKI Pod Audio - Unique audio flashcards let you study your language on your iPod or any MP3 player, in the car, at the gym, or anywhere.



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