hang out in Santa’s Secret Village

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now you can hang out in Santa’s Secret Village, Are you ready to play some reindeer games and learn Mrs. Claus’ cooking secrets? http://www.northpole.com/
you can click around the town. You can even use the links on the side menu to navigate. There are several links under the Free Things to Do heading or you can use the Kids, Parents and Teachers links to get around.

Village – This link will bring you back to the main page.
Workshop – Here you will find stories and coloring pages. Each story has the option of reading it yourself or you can have it read to you. There is also a link to print out the coloring pages for each story.
Santa’s Den – Here you can visit with Santa and experience his favorite music, movies, books and more.
Toy Shop – Having a hard time deciding what toys to get your kids? Well, why not stop in here and check out the three toy categories: Unique, Popular and Educational. These links go outside the site to Amazon.com and they give you listings of toys for sale.
Mailroom – Do you want to write to Santa? Or, maybe send out some e-cards. If so, this is the spot!
Clubhouse – Welcome to the clubhouse! This is where all the elves go to hang out. Can you find the five things that come to life when you click them? I’ll give you one hint: start at the Jukebox for some of Santa’s favorite karaoke songs!
Reindeer Barn – Let’s go meet the reindeer! If you click around the room, you’ll find hidden reindeer stories.
Kitchen – Here you can not only find hidden stories, but you can browse through Mrs. Claus’ Cookbook. You’ll find recipes not only for cookies, but for breads, pies, cakes, fudge and candy and more!
Elf Pal Academy – In the Elf Academy, you will find an excellent teacher’s resource. You’ll find lots of printouts, activities and a disco dancing Santa!



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