My personal thoughts on Menekse ile halil series

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My personal thoughts on "Menekse ile halil" series

To the writers of "Menekse ile halil "I want to tell you have created a very great love story I really loved the innocence love between Menekse and halil, I admire every character complicity, but I will never forgive you were really cruel over and over again why should you make "Menekse" suffer most of the series by put here throw two Rape Attempt and getting Rape in the Third time, one time was more than horribly enough

You made both of Menekse and halil go throw hill and back for what, to kill halil in the end and make Menekse faces life all on her own without the one she loves and with a baby on the way, what is the point! Why did you break them apart this way?!

Why did you bring halil mother back just to kill him in front of her eyes for the second time?!

To the director in my opinion you have directed a very successful series, very admirable casting everyone acted together in harmony, the locations was very beautiful, But Why did you repeat the Rape Scenes over and over again, believe me sir once was more than unbearable

Great Set Decoration, brilliant makeup artist, wonderful soundtrack, breathtaking songs

Kivanç Tatlitug What a great performance in every aspect, you was sweet and tender when you should and you was a very courageous and strong when it was needed, you could not been more believable,you have represented a greet role model, you deserve both an Emmy and Golden Globe Awards

Sedef Avci you have really represented every girl that had to face the same circumstances both in turkey and in Egypt, you were very natural and you too deserve both an Emmy and Golden Globe Awards

Hasan Küçükçetin your performance made me want to kill you from the first episode

Caner Candarli, Mehmet Cevik, Nergis Çorakçi, Yildiz Kültür, Firat Tanis whatever I say about your performance I cannot gave justice



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