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WhiteSmoke improves your English grammar and writing. In the demo below, look at the color-coded enhancements and see the improvement.
Red : spell check results.
Green : English grammar corrections.
Blue and purple : enrichment suggestions.

Punctuation software

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WhiteSmoke Professional writing software

In addition to our core software, we are pleased to offer special supplementary modules in five key areas:

General writing software

To meet the demands of writing for multiple purposes in a variety of fields, we are proud to offer customers our comprehensive writing software suitable for every use. It incorporates all the standard grammar and spelling corrections, the most frequent synonym replacements to improve vocabulary, and adjective and adverb additions for text enrichment. This version contains templates for professional and casual letters and emails. The templates address specific and general propositions, requests, complaints, and greetings. This version will become an invaluable writing tool in your daily home and business life.

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Business writing software

Good business depends on good communication. Clear and effective writing projects the appropriate image of the company and the business individual. Save valuable time in your busy schedule and rely on WhiteSmoke for help in writing emails, letters, reports, and speeches, and for adding a professional touch. This special Business edition helps you choose the right action verbs, reduce repetition, and use correct punctuation. With this excellent online writing tool, you will also have proper spelling and grammar. You will be impressed by how quickly and effectively WhiteSmoke enhances the quality of your business writing.

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Legal writing software

Writing a high quality legal document used to be a long and meticulous process until WhiteSmoke writing tool was developed and made available to you. With a field-specific dictionary and thesaurus, our legal version changes your writing experience. Besides the grammar and punctuation check features, it includes many professional legal templates to help you prepare affidavits, contracts, disclaimers and legal opinions in a fraction of the time you used to spend on them. WhiteSmoke is legal version makes your writing clearer, more persuasive, and altogether stronger as it checks and corrects your texts. The necessary resources for writing in the legal profession are at your fingertips with WhiteSmoke writing software.

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Medical writing software

The medical world is full of precise terminology and vocabulary. For this reason, we have developed our distinct medical module for anyone working in a hospital or private medical office. When you need to write and check a case report, clinical result, or manuscript, utilizing this writing tool makes all the difference. Rest assured that your grammar and spelling will be correct. Reduce the time needed for writing tasks and documentation of medical procedures and events with instant access to a rich, online medical dictionary and thesaurus. With the WhiteSmoke medical version software, your writing will be more accurate and complete

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Creative writing software

As a skilled writer, you know what you need for your writing success. The right words to express your ideas make all the difference for descriptive, effective writing. Perfect grammar and punctuation are also essential, so even simple mistakes can mean costly delays in production. To help you achieve your goals and write successfully, WhiteSmoke writing tool will keep you productive. For your artistic, creative writing, WhiteSmoke will check and correct your grammar and help you enhance your creativity with rich adjectives and adverbs.

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Executive writing software

WhiteSmoke addresses all your writing needs in one impressive writing software package. Our comprehensive Executive Version contains all of our professional profiles at once. The business world of today is dynamic, and demands expertise in numerous fields for success. Besides standard vocabulary of the field, the business executive often needs legal and creative terminology in order to communicate well with all partners and clients. In addition to the right vocabulary, the successful business person will have perfect grammar and punctuation for clear, effective writing. Every type of writing you do business or other is enriched by WhiteSmoke Executive writing tool.

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