Magentic FREE wallpapers & screensavers software

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Magentic FREE wallpapers & screensavers software

  • A huge selection of amazing screensavers

  • 1000's of professional photo-wallpapers for your desktop

  • New collections constantly added

  • Personal screensavers & wallpapers from your own photos
  • Lots of fun and easy to use

  • You can easily add your personal photos to Magentic

Gallery photos

To get more Gallery photos, simply go to the Magentic Gallery, browse through the hundreds of photos available to you, and click on any image in the Gallery collections. Then, click the quality button of your choice next to the right-hand side of the photo's preview.

Featured Screensavers

  • Transform your desktop into an Italian restaurant, where a lovable character enjoys a tasty meal, but at a shocking price.
  • Does your desktop need cleaning? Let this team of busy cleaners do the job! Watch as they come up with the most outrageous ways to clean your screen

  • Shh! Our pillow puppies are sleeping! Tranform your desktop into the perfect place for these adorable pillow puppies to take a nap.

  • If you feel like adding some sparkle to your computer screen, Joe the window washer is your man! Swinging from a long rope, Joe will get to every little corner of your screen and make it shine.



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