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Google Drive

Sharing and Collaborating


Collaborating on Google Docs
Google Drive makes sharing your files simple and easy. In addition, Google Docs allows multiple people to edit the same file, allowing for real time collaboration.  
In this lesson, you'll learn how to share your files with different groups of people and how to use the various collaboration tools available in Google Docs.

Sharing and Collaborating on Files

Launch "Sharing and Collaborating" video!Watch the video (4:14). Need help?
Watch the video to learn how to share files in Google Drive, and collaborate on Google Docs.

Sharing Files

Whenever you share a file from your Google Drive, you can let others view and even edit that same file. While you can share any file stored on your Google Drive, it's important to note that you can only use the collaborationfeatures for files created with Google Docs.
Let's look at the example of Olenna, an art teacher who uses her Google Drive to organize letters, lesson plans, and more. Olenna's files include:
  • Files she keeps private, like her spreadsheet with classroom expenses
  • Files she lets others edit, like the lesson planning documents she creates with her co-teacher 
  • Files she shares publicly and doesn't let others edit, like the newsletters and announcements she shares with her students and their parents
  • Files that others share with her, including ones she can edit, like her co-teacher's supply inventory, and ones she can't, like a schedule sent to her by the principal
As you can tell, no single sharing setting would be right for all of Olenna's files. The settings you choose for each of your shared files will probably depend on why you're sharing it in the first place.

Choosing Sharing Settings for a File

You can choose to either share your file with a limited group of people or a large one. When you share a file with alimited group of people, your collaborators must sign in with a Google account to view or edit the file. However, when you share with a larger group, or make the file public, your collaborators will not need a Google Account to access the file.

To Share a File with a Limited Group of People:

  1. Locate and select the file you wish to share.
  2. The file action buttons will appear at the top of the page. Click the Share Share icon  button.
    Screenshot of Google DriveSharing a file from your Google Drive
  3. The Sharing settings dialog box will open. In the Add people: box, type the email addresses of the people you'd like to share the file with.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow next to each person's name to decide whether they can edit, comment on, or justview the file. Remember, only files in Google Docs format can be edited online by different people.
    Screenshot of Google DriveAdding people to share the file with
  5. If you'd like, you can add a message that will be emailed to the people you share the file with. You might use this message to explain the file, or let them know why you're sharing it with them.
    Screenshot of Google DriveAdding a message about the shared file
  6. Google Drive calls the people you share files with editors. By default, editors are allowed to invite new people to access the file. If you want, you can prevent this by clicking [Change]. A second Sharing settings dialog box will appear.
  7. Select Only the owner can change the permissions. Then, click Save to return to the first dialog box.
    Screenshot of Google DriveChanging the sharing settings to prevent other editors from re-sharing the file
  8. Click Share & save. Your file will be shared.
    Screenshot of Google DriveClicking Share & save
Whenever you share a file, that file will be marked as Shared on your Google Drive.
Screenshot of Google DriveViewing the shared file on your Google Drive

Sharing With a Link

You can easily share a file with a larger group of people by providing a stable link to any file in your Google Drive. A stable link is like a private web address for any file you wish to share. This can be especially helpful for files that would be too large to send as an email attachment, like music or video files. You can also share a file by postingthe stable link to a public webpage. Anyone who clicks the link will be redirected to the file.
Use your best judgement when making any of your files public. Even if you only share the link to a file with a few people, that document could be found by anyone online. You should never make personal or sensitive information stored on your Google Drive publicly available.

To Share a Link:

In this example, we'll share a file by sending a stable link in an email.
  1. Locate and select the file you wish to share.
  2. The file action buttons will appear at the top of the page. Click the Share Share icon  button.
    Screenshot of Google DriveSharing a file from Google Drive
  3. The Sharing settings dialog box will appear. Click Change... to make the file accessible to anyone with the link.
    Screenshot of Google DriveChanging the privacy settings of a file
  4. The Visibility options will appear. Select Anyone with the link and then click Save.
    Screenshot of Google DriveChanging the visibility options
  5. The Sharing settings dialog box will appear with the Link to share. Right-click the link and then select Copyfrom the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot of Google DriveCopying the link
  6. Paste the link into the body of your email.
    Screenshot of Google DrivePasting the link into an email
You can also publish a file to the web to share it with a larger audience. Publishing a file actually converts the file into a very simple web page. To publish a file, click File while editing a Google doc and then select Publish to the Web... from the drop-down menu. Only files in Google Docs format can be published.
Screenshot of Google DrivePublishing a file

To Move Shared Files to Your Google Drive:

People can also choose to share files with you. These files will appear in the Shared with me folder on your Google Drive. However, someone can always unshare a file with you, leaving you unable to view or access the file. If someone shares a file that you want to keep permanently, you can move that file to your Google Drive.
  1. Navigate to the Shared with me folder on your Google Drive. Any files shared with you will appear.
    Screenshot of Google DriveViewing files shared with you
  2. Click, hold and drag the file to My Drive in the left-navigation menu.
    Screenshot of Google DriveMoving a shared file to your Google Drive
  3. The file is now stored permanently on your Google Drive.
    Screenshot of Google DriveViewing the moved file
You can easily share any photos stored on your Google Drive on Google+. Just click the Share Photo button and then select From Google Drive from the drop-down menu.
Screenshot of Google+Sharing a photo from your Google Drive on Google

Collaboration Tools

Whenever you share a file in Google Docs format, you'll have the option to allow your co-editors to change andedit that file. Google Docs offer several tools that enhance collaboration by making it easier to communicate with your co-editors and to see which changes have been made and by whom.
Review the interactive to learn about the collaboration features in Google Docs.



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