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 Basically a Bookmark is just what it's always been… something to mark your place… and Word will allow you to place multiple Bookmarks in your document. So, by placing Bookmarks at the locations to which we need to return we can save ourselves the time of the "scroll and search" process.

First, put your cursor at the location where the Bookmark needs to be placed.

Next we're off to the Insert menu/tab (depends upon the version of Word), then click the Bookmark choice/button.

At this point you should be looking at a dialog box along these lines:

At the top you can name the Bookmark - however, I found that I couldn't use any spaces in the names so keep that in mind to avoid a bit of frustration.

After you've named it click the Add button.

Obviously, you'll need to repeat this process any time you need to mark a location.

Now, as for using them to get back to the correct location… I can think of a couple of ways to accomplish this.

One way is to return to the Bookmark dialog box (Insert menu/tab, Bookmark choice/button), select the Bookmark in the list and
click the Go To button.

You'll also have to click the Close button to be able to return to working on your document.

The other method I'd like to mention is to use the Go To feature. (Edit menu, Go To choice -or- Home tab, Find button, Go To choice)

On the left choose Bookmark and then the field on the right will become a drop-down list of all Bookmarks in the document. Choose the correct one and
click the Go To button.

The advantage of this method would show up if you have multiple places to go.



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