Create a new Office file using a template Word 2013

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Create a new Office file using a template

Find or create the right template, and you’ll be saved the work of repeatedly recreating basic content and layout information. And, because Office saves your changes to the new file and not to the template, you can use that template for unlimited documents, presentations, or spreadsheets.
When you first start an Office app, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, or Access you automatically see a list of templates. To see the list at any other time, click File > New. The following figure shows the Templates available for Word:
A list of available Word templates is shown.
Try more free templates from right from within your Office app. Simply search for templates where you see Search for online templates. For quick access to popular templates, click any of the keywords below the search box.
The search box for finding online Word templates is shown.
Once you find a template you like, double-click it to create your file based on that template. To take a closer look, click the thumbnail to see a large preview. Click the arrows on either side of the preview window to see related templates.
Template preview
If you frequently use a template, you can pin it so it’s always there when you start your Office app. Just click the pushpin icon that appears below the thumbnail in the list of templates.
Pin template
Pinned templates will never show a preview. You just double click the pinned template's thumbnail to quickly create a new file based on that template.



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