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Notepad does let you control some aspects of printing. You can set margins and change your header and footer. I know, it ain't much, but what do you want for a plain text file creator?

Keep in mind that the changes you make will affect all docs viewed in your notepad and will not be saved to the txt file as formatting.

In Notepad, go to File/Page Setup. There you can select paper orientation and margin size—that's pretty self-explanatory.

But wait, what is this "&f" stuff in the header and "Page &p" in the footer? Well, that tells the header to print the file name and the footer to show the page number. You can change these if you know the right codes—and you will because I'm going to give them to you.

&f - shows the file name or "Untitled" if it doesn't have one

&d - displays the date

&t - inserts the time according to your computer's clock

&p - shows the page number

Since you can use more than one combination in the header or footer box these code can come in handy...

&& - puts in an ampersand (&)

&l (for left), &c (for center), &r (for right) will align the header or footer. To use this put the code first followed by the other code you want to use, for example: &l &d &r &p will align the date left and the page number right.

You can also put in your own text in the header or footer and it will be printed such as "Page" next to &p or a title in the header.




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