My thought on Obama Speech in Cairo

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From the minute I have heard that Obama is coming to Egypt to address the entire Muslim world I had a very little expectation because I know his positions on every issue from his campaign, I have had flowed the USA presidential election very closely, I almost watched every speech he had given, I know how will spoken he is, and how good he deliver speech, but nothing prepared me to his speech, the speech was very good he addressed so many issues.

He was very smart to begin the speech by greeting his audience in Arabic, He shown a great sign of respect when he talked about the "Prophet Mohamed", he quoted from EL Quran very wisely every time in its right please, he was open Minded when he talked about veil "Hijab " and women rights.

He was honest regarding American – Israeli relationships and in the same time he did not neglected the Palestinians Rights and the two States solution, and that is a great change in his Policies .

I think He was different in his way of speaking and his tone but not different in his Policies, and he didn't say anything in specifics

he really have to do more than taking to Convince me, we all need to see actions, especially after I have seen him change his opinions more than once from the begin of the elections until now , especially on Prosecuted American Officer for Torture prisoners.

You can watch the speech on youtube:

You can read the speech text:



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